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How should I care for my teak garden furniture? 

Teak has greater naturally weather-resistant properties than just about any other type of wood, however it is still a natural product and each bench will have its own characteristics and reactions to the UK climate. All our teak furniture is stored in a warehouse in the UK upon arrival and has a temporary treatment applied which is primarily for protection during transportation. This is not a long-term treatment, therefore the question of how to provide after care for teak is really one of personal preference so here are some of the options.

Do not treat it – As already mentioned teak is one of the best woods to use for outdoor furniture. It’s natural properties will enable the furniture to last for many more years than comparative non teak products. The teak will go a beautiful silver/grey over time, and you can clean off most markings and algae using a power washer or using light sandpaper. The wood will move, open and close grains as it reacts to its environment so do not worry if a few of these natural cracks appear.


Treat it – Treating your teak furniture will give the natural properties an extra protective boost, sealing grains, limiting natural movement / openings and provide a longer-term colour to your furniture. If you are going to treat it we would recommend using a breathable teak sealant 1-2 weeks after delivery according to the instructions from the treatment manufacture. If your teak has been purchased during a particular warm period of weather, then treatment within the first week of delivery is recommended.


We recommend the use of a breathable teak sealant such as Burgess oil (used on boats and available from but there are many options available. We do not recommend the use of varnish on teak benches. Once treated you can maintain regular treatment (annually in the case of Burgess oil) or allow the teak to naturally develop its silver / grey colouring.

3. Cover it – Whichever option you choose from above, you can also cover your furniture. However similar with the choice of treatment ensure that you choose the right cover, such as a breathable cover. Plastic non breathable covers will trap moisture and increase the likelihood of blemishes and increase the rate of degradation of your teak. Breathable covers such as Aerocover are available from are ideal.


Factors to consider for Teak treatment.

How close are you to an environment that will provide additional weathering impact to the teak? E.g., near the sea.

How heavy do you expect the usage of the furniture to be?

Will the furniture be used in areas where food and drink may be split upon it and are you concerned about the potential for marks from that?


How frequently do I want to treat my teak?

All our teak garden furniture will arrive with a temporary treatment that will dissipate within 1-2 weeks so that you can choose whether to treat your furniture or not. Teak does not need to be treated and will naturally go a beautiful silver/grey over time. However, treating your furniture will give the natural properties an extra protective boost, limiting natural movement, and provide a longer-term colour to your garden furniture Should you decide to treat your garden furniture then a treatment with a breathable teak sealant is recommended.  You can clean off most markings and algae using a mild washing liquid solution or using light sandpaper.

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