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What assembly is required if I order and unassembled bench? 

We have worked with our supplier to create strong solid teak benches that can still be easily assembled by customers if preferred. Each bench will arrive with only 4 core components that will be required to be assembled to create your bench.

Left arm side

Right arm side



A fixings pack is provided containing all required dowels (14-16 depending upon Bench), screws (not required for oval back bench).


 Tools Required

All you need to provide is a hammer (to tap the dowels in), a screwdriver (to fix in the screws for added strength for the seat), a small saw (to cut off any dowel ends) and some sandpaper to smooth over the dowels and gently remove the small fixing labels.


Assembly overview  

• The joints that fit together are clearly marked using small labels that are easily removed once assembled. It is recommended that assembly is completed by 2 persons.

• Start by placing one of the side arms flat on the floor and slot the back section into the arm.

• Slot the seat section into the same arm so that now both back and seat section are vertical from the floor.

• Slot the remaining side arm section into the back and seat joints.

• Carefully turn the bench from resting on one side to resting on its feet in the correct ‘bench position’.

• Fix the joints together by gently tapping in a dowel into the available holes. Please tap the dowels in firmly but without splitting them to leave approx. 10mm showing. Cut off approx. 5mm of the dowel and tap in the remainder of the dowel.

• Repeat this step for both dowels in each joint and once completed lightly sand the area around the dowel to a smooth finish.

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