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What can I use to treat my Live Edge furniture?

To provide additional protection and moisture retention to limit the potential for movement then we would recommend considering 2 methods of treatment: Coconut oil, or Danish oil. Prior to using any products on your live edge furniture please read the instructions for use by the specific manufacturer.   


Danish oil will provide a finish with more of a sheen but longer-term better protection, suitable for a frequently used family dining table. It is recommended that heat resistant protective mats and coasters are still used to minimise the risk of markings from hot plates, food and drinks spillages.  Please check our social feeds to see examples of furniture treated with the Danish oil.   

Follow the instructions given with the oil purchased, it can be applied onto the bare wood, the method of every day for a week, every week for a month then every month for a year is best practice.  


 Coconut oil gives a lower sheen and is quite easy to apply.  Warm the oil slightly in a bowl of hot water so it is just beginning to melt and apply to the bare wood with a lint free cloth. This activity is recommended 2 to 3 times the first week that you receive the table, be careful not to over apply and buff up with a dry cloth when you have finished treating it.  You can top this up and buff out any heat marks or otherwise when needed.  Whilst it does not give the same level of protection as danish oil it is very forgiving and a natural partner to the wood itself, food safe and a great eco-friendly treatment.  


It is recommended that heat resistant protective mats and coasters are still used to minimise the risk of markings from hot plates, food, and drinks spillages.   

 If you wish to apply any other type of sealant or treatment, please test on a discreet underside area first to check the result.  Also follow instructions on all treatments carefully, we cannot be held responsible for the results of any treatment used that we have not used ourselves.  


 If during the treatment process a slight ‘furring’ on the wood occurs, then this is just the fibres reacting to the initial treatment and usually sanding with a light sandpaper grade will remove these.


Please note that your live edge may move and grains still open even with treatment due to the amount of wood in each table. 

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