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Products 18 Dec, 2021

Enjoy Watching Paint Dry with Little Greene and Field & Hawken


Starting with a blank canvass or even redecorating a room to a new vision can be a challenge when trying to coordinate each element together: from paint to lighting, to furniture and other accessories. Every room will tell a personal story with individual pieces, photographs and unique centrepieces. Field & Hawken and Little Greene can help you to bring all these ideas and memories together with a range of paint and wallpapers inspired by Britain’s rich history.

One method for redecorating is to start with the wall colour or choice of wallpaper to establish the overall emotion for the room. Little Greene has created a collection of British paint with natural pigments and resins that can become a focal point of a room or create an atmosphere for entertaining or an environment for relaxation at the end of the day.

Field and Hawken have put together a list of suggestions to start decorating and putting together your perfect interior.

1.      Take Inspiration from Your Travels

Have you ever found a haven that you want to recreate at home? A landscape can be reproduced with a muted blues, earthy tones or soft greens. For a beach viewpoint, we’d recommend a combination of soft pebble colours and pleasing blues to recreate the serene soothing atmosphere of waves lapping onto a beach. For a Mediterranean town, we’d recommend earthy oranges, soft pinks and pastel colours that brighten the walls and reflect light around the room


For a beach scene:   

Aquamarine Pale (282) First Light (49)

Brighton (203)


For a city:

Hellebore (275)

Lemon Tree (69)

Mambo (112)



Alternatively, choose a wallpaper with a pattern that can reflect fabrics and textiles that you have seen on your travels, which can bring that memory into your home. Once you’ve chosen a colour, then the room and furniture can then be built around the colours within the wallpaper or the pattern on the wallpaper can be replicated throughout the choice of homeware and accessories.


Wrest Trail – Shoot


Monroe – Dawn Flower


Cranford – Wheat


2.      Use your natural views

Take inspiration from the British countryside outside of your home. Bringing the outside in can help blend your home seamlessly into its environment, which can provide a restful atmosphere. Britain holds a wealth of natural colours from the Bath stone in Somerset, to the coastline in Cornwall and the peaks in Wales and Scotland. Little Greene has been harnessing this inspiration and created colours that tell the story of the UK landscape.


Bathstone (64)

Ho Ho Green (305)

Limestone (238)


3.      Embrace an Accent Colour

To showcase a wall or draw your attention to a centrepiece in the room, such as a piece of artwork or a hearth, then choose an accent wall. Take a bold colour and soften it with complementary colours or contrast it with other loud colours for a bright, lively room. For example, Marigold (209) can be complemented with a warm neutral shade, Clay Pale (152), or a cooler complementary shade, Mono (218).

Alternatively, a rich bold blue, like Hicks’ Blue (208), can be balanced with by Portland Stone Pale (155). The accent colour can then be reflected in soft furnishings or contrasted with other accent colours to create a bold, colourful room.


Marigold (209)


Clay Pale (152)


Mono (218)


Hicks’ Blue (208)


Portland Stone Pale (155)

Once you’ve picked your colours, ensure that you paint swatches of the colour on intended walls to see the play of light and shadow achieves the look and feel of the room that you desire. Also, we recommend using creating a strong clean base before painting your intended colour for the natural pigments and resins to shine through.



Field and Hawken are proud to be a stockist of Little Greene’s paints and wallpaper. Contact us directly to order samples or start your redecoration journey with our paint collection.


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