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News 10 Feb, 2021

Teak Wood: The Long-lasting Choice for Outdoor Furniture


Field and Hawken uses natural Indonesian teak wood as our primary resource for our outdoor furniture range of tables, chairs, and benches. Working with suppliers that are accredited to European standards to support a sustainable wp-contentroach and manage the use of the natural resources.


Teak trees, scientifically named Tectona grandis, are native to south-eastern Asia and have been used for centuries as a reliable material for shipbuilding, homewares, and exterior construction. Each tree grows for an average of 80 years in order to produce the best quality wood. It has been praised for its lack of natural decay and lasting durability, which has made it excellent to be crafted into outdoor furniture.

Teak is a close-grained hardwood that is naturally water resistant and durable. Unlike other options, teak retains its natural characteristics even after being logged. The wood maintains its natural oils and rubber qualities, which allows teak products to be resistant to wood rot and insect predation. The natural properties of teak ensure that all products crafted from it are classic and enduring.

Alternative options, like Acacia and Bamboo, can be viewed as inferior to teak wood for the construction of garden furniture. While Acacia wood requires a high level of maintenance and is sensitive to warm temperatures, Bamboo wood readily absorbs water and can be prone to insects and mould. Despite looking similar to teak wood, alternative options may not be as enduring.

Field and Hawken work with Indonesian suppliers that follow compliance and best practice for timber production. Since its independence in 1945, Indonesia has ensured the regulation of logging and production of teak wood furniture to ensure its continuation as an export.


Responsible manufactures must have their products and tracked by the SLVK (Indonesia’s national timber legality assurance system), which are complaint with the Forest Legality Governance Enforcement and Trade (FLEGT).

Under this guidance the Field & Hawken suppliers create sustainable outdoor furniture crafted to be enjoyed for many years.

We offer a range of garden and patio furniture constructed entirely from teak wood. The Field and Hawken teak garden collection includes outdoor tables that can seat from 2 to 14 people, chairs, loungers and benches. Our benches can be individually engraved as a memorial or personal gift for a special occasion.


The teak garden furniture is crafted using traditional joinery techniques that do not compromise the organic characteristics of the wood and showcase its natural qualities.

Despite the UK leaving the European Union, Field and Hawken will continue to work with suppliers that uphold the FLEGT requirements for our outdoor garden range.

To see our collection of outdoor Teak furniture, click here.


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