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News 10 Feb, 2021

Reclaimed Teak Wood: Sustainable Indoor Furniture


Field and Hawken uses reclaimed teak for a range of items in our indoor furniture collection. Using reclaimed teak provides the opportunity to repurpose and give a new lease of life to materials, thereby supporting the management and use of natural resources.

First of all, a little background about teak wood. Grown in south-eastern Asia, teak wood has been used for exterior construction and outdoor furniture for decades. It is well known for its water-resistant properties, durability, and honey-brown colour. However, it is now gaining popularity for the sustainable and characterful benefits from the creation of reclaimed teak and teak root furniture and accessories.


Repurposing natural materials is more important than ever. In 2015, UN launched its 17 Sustainability Goals campaign. Reclaimed wood products and repurposing wood products aligns with the UN goals to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, as well as protect and rebuild organic ecosystems. By reclaiming wood, we can reduce the initial energy spent logging and additional biodiversity loss.

Field and Hawken have partnered with local suppliers in Indonesia that reclaim previously used or discarded teak to give it with a new lease of life as new product for our customers. We aim to provide high-quality products that are ethically produced and sustainably sourced.

Our reclaimed teak range includes items where our supplier has sourced wood from industrial buildings and homes in Indonesia that are going to be demolished. The reclaimed wood is often over 100 years old and ready for a new lease of life.

Reclamation brings together pieces of wood with individual natural variation that combine to create a unique product. The reclaimed wood is treated and transformed by skilled craftspeople into beautiful indoor furniture each unique to another thanks to the life that it has already led.


Field and Hawken offer a range of reclaimed teak indoor furniture that is durable and visually striking. We offer a range of consoles, hall storage benches and dining tables made from reclaimed teak as well smaller bowls and accessories.

Our reclaimed teak tables come in oval, round and rectangular shapes that can be paired beautifully with any of our chair range. The combination of multiple pieces of repurposed wood can create a striking visually piece of furniture for every home.

Our teak root range ensures that as much of the teak tree is harvested for use as possible as suppliers obtain teak roots of already logged trees. Once a tree has been cut down, the trunk is often discarded, ground into mulch or cut into smaller chunks for other purposes. However, the large teak roots are organic works of art.


The Field and Hawken teak root dining and coffee tables are made from teak root bases handcrafted to support a toughened tempered glass top. Available in table sizes to be use as a teak root coffee table or teak root dining table for up to 8 people. As standard our teak root bases support round and oval glass tops but we can assist customers with bespoke requirements. As each teak root base is totally unique Field & Hawken provide our customers with images of available teak root bases from our UK warehouse so that they right table can be chosen for your home and that ideal centrepiece.

To see our range of reclaimed teak wood and teak root furniture, click here. Field and Hawken also offer sustainably crafted outdoor teak furniture, which you can here.


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