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News 28 Jul, 2022

Teak Garden Furniture Aftercare


Teak Garden Furniture Aftercare needn’t be a daunting task, however with many years’ experience helping customers get the most from their outdoor furniture we have put together some simple instructions to help you restore your teak garden table, chairs and bench from mildew and staining caused by the effects of autumn and winter.

Teak wood retains its natural oils after being logged that helps provide a level of resistance to severe weather damage. However, it is good to provide regular care and maintenance for your outdoor Teak furniture to help maximise its longevity and durability. Whilst more resilient than most other woods,  Teak wood will still a natural product and will weather and show its unique characteristics when it remains outside as all wood reacts to its environment and particularly moisture.

All Field and Hawken Teak outdoor furniture is delivered with a temporary factory pre-treatment. If you wish to maintain the original colouration for as long as possible, we recommend treating your furniture within one to two weeks of delivery. Teak Garden Furniture Aftercare using treatment will also give the natural protective properties a bit of a boost and help retain moisture and limit movement whilst your teak furniture adapts to its environment.  Please see our recommended product.


If you do treat your teak furniture then you should ensure that you use a breathable product and not a varnish. You should always read the manufactures advise for application of a product before applying to the furniture. A teak-sealant adds a protective water-based layer to the furniture that will repel water without being slippery and add UV protection. If you do treat your teak furniture then it is recommended that you treat your furniture at least annually with the teak-sealant in order to maintain colouration and additional protection.

If you prefer not to treat your teak furniture, then the teak will gradually turn a beautiful silver / grey colour.


Preparing your teak garden furniture for use

For this process you will require household bleach, light washing powder, tap water, non-scratch brush or pad.


  1. 1. Choose a warm, dry and if possible sunny day and choose an area that isn’t going to be affected by any of the cleaning products listed above.
  2. 2. Rinse down your furniture with a garden hose to give it a good clean, keep it on a normal setting as a high pressure one might damage the wood grain.
  3. 3. Take 2 Litres of water, 30 ml bleach and 75g of a light washing powder and mix well. With a natural bristle-brush or a non-scratch scouring pad remove mildew using smooth strokes along the direction of the grain.
  4. 4. Take the hose again and rinse the furniture down gently taking care to remove all of the bleach/washing powder solution. Pat dry with a towel, and then leave in the sun to dry.
  5. 5. To prevent further mildew build up, keep the furniture somewhere it will benefit from direct sunlight.


If your teak furniture shows no major signs of mildew or mould then the addition of bleach may not be required.

For any stubborn marks or stains, first try to remove the stain as described above and then try a commercial Teak cleaning product2. For extreme cases, gently sand the area (starting with a fine sandpaper) until the stain is no longer visible. This may require using a courser sandpaper to remove the stain and then a finer sandpaper to achieve a smooth finish.


Once cleaned, a breathable teak treatment can be applied to bring back the teak colouration and provide a layer of protection. This will also slow down the appearance of the naturally weathering wood. We recommend the Hydrosol Woodsealer1 that is designed to protect boat decks against the damaging effect of the sun, rain and frost whilst allowing the wood to breathe. Also, this sealer’s formula is environmentally friendly so any wash-off into your garden isn’t hazardous. However various products are available. To apply, use a paintbrush or cloth to gently rub small amounts of oil into the wood.


Try to apply a little at a time to ensure that you don’t oversaturate the wood. We recommend that this process is completed annually before use each spring season. After this process, your Teak furniture will be ready to shine in your garden for another year.


Breathable Furniture Covers

For extra protection or to limit the amount of work you need to do on your teak garden furniture. Why not consider an furniture cover. The key to a good cover is its breathability as non breathable plastic is likely to trap moisture directly onto your furniture and increase the rate of degradation. At Field & Hawken we stock a brand of cover called Aerocover. The range is fully breathable and can be purchase for all your outdoor requirements from cushion storage to teak table, teak chair, teak bench, or full teak garden set coverage.














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